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Staying at Sol House Taghazout Bay in Morocco

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Sol House Taghazout Bay in Morocco

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View of beach and water in the distance of Taghazout Bay, Morocco
View of landscape and ocean water at Sol House Taghazout Bay
Sol House Taghazout Bay poster with surf spots along the coast of the surf villages along tadenga, panorama's, hash point, devil's rock, anchor point, essaouira

Getting to Sol House Taghazout Bay

Taghazout Bay is nestled right in the middle of a string of beautiful fishing villages and stellar surf spots off the southern coast of Morocco. Just north of Tamraght and south of Essaouira, it’s only 40 minutes from the international airport of Agadir.

As students of the surf academy, we didn’t have to arrange our own transportation to and from the airport because the school offers a shuttle. The ride is drenched with desert landscape, traditional Moroccan architecture and views of the ocean.

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Sol House Taghazout Bay road through grass and desert landscape with bungalows in the distance hotel agadir
Sol House Taghazout Bay bungalows with windows looking at the grass and trees at Sol House Taghazout bay

Sol House Taghazout Bay

When I think of Morocco, I think of camels riding through the desert and vibrant marketplaces. But Sol House Taghazout Bay - Surf, located in a seaside village off the coast, showed me a wetter side. With some of the best surf spots in the world, I discovered that it’s the ideal destination for surf as well as sun.

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pool with sky reflected in the water and blue lounge chairs and umbrella
Poolside lounge chairs next to a yellow pool noodle by a pool with children and woman playing in the water with a palm tree, ocean, and gate in the distance at Sol House hotel in agadir

The Property

With everything you need, it's a great retreat for solo travelers, couples, and families. There are rooms with single beds for students attending the surf camp as well as fresh and modern bungalows, some with up to 5 beds.

Sol Resorts are known for their stylish and fun-filled atmospheres, but this family-friendly, water-front resort focuses on the sea, sports, and ecotourism.

There’s a stunning flower-lined path that passes by a modern surf shop, a spa facility, and a fully-equipped gym. If you keep going, it'll lead you from the pool right down to the sandy beach. Sol House Taghazout Bay has private seating for guests just steps away from the ocean water.

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A man unloading surfboards in the back of a truck and people dusting sand of their feet infant of a tadenga shuttle van parked in Tamri, morocco
man, woman, surfboard, surf, bag, yoga mat, road, morocco, things to do
Vintage mercedes, motorcycle and tires parked at the beach next to a trashcan and display surfboard that reads dinosaures le surfer's d'anza with people swimming in the ocean at taghazout bay, agadir, morocco

The Surf Academy at Sol House

You’ll forget you’re in a desert while attending the surf academy at Sol House Taghazout Bay - Surf. Whether you’ve surfed your way around the world or you’ve never touched a board, you’ll feel confident catching a wave once you’ve had a class with their wonderful, qualified instructors.

Not to brag, but I got up on my board and rode a wave on my very first attempt.

We were the only novices in our afternoon class, so it felt like we had a private lesson on our first day. There were two instructors in our surf class, one who taught the beginners (the two of us!) and one who stayed with the more experienced students.

You can take a half-day surf lesson or for weeks. It’s up to you, but the swells are sweet any time of year.

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moroccan spices curry and paprika in small tangines with the lid on the back with a spoon on the side. Stove and plates in the background
moroccan spices curry, paprika, and salt in small tangines with the lid on the back with a spoon on the side. Stove and plates in the background

Food at Sol House

If you need a good serving of food and drinks between all those surf sessions, Sol House Taghazout Bay has you covered with multiple food options. If you decide to take it easy and catch some sun, you’ll never feel parched with their poolside bar.

Although you may want to explore the neighboring towns, you won’t have to leave the grounds to find your next great meal with all the authentic Moroccan, tasty Mediterranean and international foods available at any of the 3 dining options at the resort.

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Activities chalkboard with an events calendar reading water polo, football, morning yoga, activities of the day
sol house taghazout bay resort surf board display with an activities and events calendar surrounded by pink flowers, stone, and bungalows

Activities at Sol House

Barbecue party, yoga, beach volleyball, and water polo are a few of the scheduled events and various daily activities they plan for guests.

The surf school has all kinds of water sports equipment that you can rent, so you can leave your board at home and still enjoy the water!

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