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  • --- Flights ---

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    Google Flights

    It's the best place to start for a comprehensive search. If I’m not ready to buy the flight just yet, I like to use the “Incognito” or “Private” window on my internet browser to get an idea of flight prices for the dates and the destination I’m interested in traveling.

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    Don’t forget that booking through an airline's website can score you promotional discounts and other loyalty rewards. It does pay to earn frequent flyer miles! And you can always try booking two one-way flights as a less expensive alternative.

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    I’ve always had luck with those routes, but I hear Skyscanner is another option for finding the low fares. Just confirm your reservation with the airline once you’ve purchased and you should be ready to fly!

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  • --- Accommodations ---

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    I live for a charming boutique hotel, but lately Airbnb has been a major game changer for me. The company goes above and beyond to serve their customers, and the hosts are usually just as accommodating and helpful. I’ve stayed in sparkling clean apartments in prime locations through Airbnb.


    Click Here for $40 off your first booking with Airbnb! Feel free to email me or click the link for rules & restrictions.

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    A quaint boutique hotel that stands out from the crowd with a unique style and cool vibe that capture the essence of a city is my jam.


    If you have a preferred hotel brand, then stick with them. And don't forget to collect those loyalty points and incentives!

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    Hotel Booking Sites

    Sites like Hotwire, Booking.com, and Hotels.com are key for last minute bookings.

    If you don’t mind waiting until you get to your city to find the right area to stay in, then take advantage of big chain hotels and high star resorts offering deep discounts just to fill rooms in the hotel through these sites.


    Click Here for $25 off any of your bookings with Booking.com!

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  • --- Additional Travel Resources ---

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