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    Who's Brit?

    I'm just a regular gal who travels half the year and picks the raisins out of my Raisin Bran cereal. Why won't I just buy "All-Bran"?


    But here's a little more on how I started traveling!

    Visiting The Caribbean

    LANGUAGE: The dominant language spoken throughout the Caribbean Islands is English with a little bit of local patois sprinkled throughout conversations. Depending on the influence on a particular country, you may also hear French, Spanish, and even Dutch.


    CURRENCY: There are as many as 13 different currencies used throughout the Caribbean islands, but the U.S. Dollar (USD), British Pound (Sterling) and Euros are generally accepted everywhere.


    CREDIT CARDS / ATMS: You can find secure and reliable ATMs in most urban cities, in most shopping centers. Credit cards are generally accepted everywhere and cash is usually the best way to pay for things like taxis and tipping.


    PLUGS: Most of the popular islands in the Caribbean use Type A and B plugs, but the voltage can range from 110V to 240V depending on the island. The standard frequency is typically 60Hz, and 50Hz in a couple of islands. I recommend having a Universal Power Adapter that'll work in almost any country you visit in the Caribbean.


    VISAS: Citizens of certain countries may not need a visa to visit the Caribbean. Check with your embassy to learn exactly what you need.


    GETTING AROUND: You can take a short flight or boat ride and island hop all around the Caribbean. Each island has its own public transportation, but you can usually find a taxi or public bus to get you to and from your favorite restaurants, beaches, and shows throughout the island.

















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