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Surviving Valentine's Day in an International Long Distance Relationship

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Surviving Valentine's Day in an

International Long Distance Relationship

Surviving valentine's day in a long distance relationship with natural black girl looking at a photo of an interracial couple
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It's hard to believe that a person in a relationship could feel blue with red and pink around them on Valentine's Day. But special occasions and holidays like Valentine's Day can be pretty underwhelming when you're dating in an international long distance relationship.

Don't get me wrong. Folks in LDRs still enjoy all the same things, like receiving flowers at the office, enjoying chocolates and hand-written cards. It's just that you don't get the good goods. You know what I'm talking about? A home-cooked meal by your partner, sillies!

Unfortunately, that's just not the case when your significant other lives miles away in another city or is separated by an ocean.

I put down roots in Los Angeles a few years ago and travel for work a little bit while he split his time between Tel Aviv and Europe working in show biz as well. When you're a traveller who's dating a foreigner, you have to be very intentional about pinning a time & place to meet for much needed quality time together.

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"Daydreaming about the way...

your unshaved chest, my bare legs."

Much like other couples during the holidays, long distance couples also go to great lengths to show their partner they're thinking of them. The only difference is that in LDRs that bit of extra effort is an every day occurrence and a little more imagination and creativity is required to make it worthy of such a day as Valentines.

Short of planning a surprise visit, when there's distance involved what feels like going above and beyond to show the other person that we care is actually a typical way to connect. Long distance lovers seem to be limited to long talks on the phone on the beach, making plans to visit one another soon, sending home-made gifts, planning FaceTime dinner dates, planning FaceTime movie dates, and praying for the time to have a sexy Skype session after a long day.

Long distance relationships, especially international distances, aren't all glamor and rendezvous' in Paris to spend quality time together. Sometimes they're spending meaningful occasions and small celebrations apart. But it's usually worth it when you're finally in the arms of the one you love.

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"You're across the planet,

it's late but I'll be waiting up for ya."

On a particularly lonely night, I was missing his face and wanting to express all of the love and care I had for my long distance boyfriend who was off in a far-away place called Bratislava, Slovakia.

I could actually call it a kingdom because up until 1992 Slovakia was a part of the federal state Czechoslovakia, which had more than 2,000 castles, which made it the country with the highest density of castles in the world. Which gave you more information about Bratislava, Slovakia than you probably cared for.

Anyways! It didn't matter that I was packing and preparing to travel to be with him in just a few days. I was craving his scent, yearning to hear his voice and wanting to hold him right then, and it was 2am where he was.

All I could do was write it in a song. The song wasn't just another cute way to make my long-distance boyfriend feel loved. "Two Sleeps Away" was a creative outlet for the longing and anticipation coursing through me until we were together again.

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Take a listen! Here's "Two Sleeps Away"

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"I'm Two Sleeps Away. One ticket. An international flight."

The song itself wasn't going to satiate me, but it was going to get me through this particular bout of loneliness and pent up desire. Anyone who's been in a long distance relationship knows the tension and release that comes from reuniting with your lover. And when you finally get ahold of them, you never want to let go.

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Now we remind each other when we're just two nights away from being reunited. Do you have any pre-trip routines with your partner?

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