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15 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Miami Wynwood Walls

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Miami Wynwood Walls

black girl with french braids leaning on a wall with chalk street art flowers at wynwood walls in miami

Take some time to stroll through this outdoor art installation showcasing street art and graffiti artists from all over the world for free. Try to arrive in Wynwood early in the day to give yourself at least 1-2 hours to appreciate the walls and the adjacent streets, then stick around for some great food and drinks at the neighborhood restaurants, bars, and Miami cafes.

Here are some photos to inspire you to visit the Wynwood Walls in Miami!

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Wynwood Walls entrance gate with street art and clouds in the background
A posted letter from the CEO of Goldman Properties & Goldman Global Arts outside of the entrance of Wynwood Walls in Miami

A letter from the CEO of Goldman Properties & Goldman Global Arts, the company that created the Wynwood Walls.

Girl in french braids and sunglasses staring at street art of a boy pulling back curtain of graffiti at Wynwood Walls

The art exhibits brilliant design and skillful perspective, and some pieces include other materials like rock and wood.

wynwood walls black wall with wood and rocks street art images of children playing
Wynwood Walls image of five ethnic people with neon colors
girl with french braids leaning against street art wall in wynwood walls miami
two pink stencil graffiti hearts on the side walk near wynwood walls in miami
Wynwood Walls street art hello Beautiful entrance to shop
Girl with long french braids and sunglasses leaning against chalkboard graffiti wall at Wynwood Walls in Miami

The art spills beyond the Wynwood Walls and into the streets.

Wynwood Walls street art of black woman with pink curly hair and electricity poles
Wynwood walls street art of woman kissing the heads boy with braids with man walking by
street art mural with blue and green wall with animals coming out of it
Pink, black, and blue street art by @rage_johnson in wynwood miami
Blue street art with black man with glass walking down the street
The Wynwood Shop store front window with vivid bird image

Even the shops and storefronts are dripping in art.

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Coyo taco in Miami Beach Wynwood walls neighborhood

Wynwood Bars & Restaurants

Once you've had your fill at the inspiring graffiti museum, stick around to have one of the best tacos in town at Coyo Tacos and drinks & live entertainment at Gramps in Wynwood. Don't skip these great ways to enjoy Miami for cheap!


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