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20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Saint Lucia

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20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Saint Lucia

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Midnight beach fete in Saint Lucia with a girl smiling covered in party paint powder on the beach

Let's start from the end...

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Who wouldn't want to shower in nature?

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The sultry waters and luscious land makes Saint Lucia a tropical romantic getaway anytime of year.

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Go wherever your heart leads you...

even if it's chasing waterfalls.

Black girl hair toss in a bikini in front of a waterfall in Saint Lucia
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Woman bending down tossing hair in front of a helicopter pad

My first helicopter ride & it was a must in St. Lucia.

It's the quickest way to get around!

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It's 5:00 somewhere and Matthew's Rooftop Restaurant was our favorite place to celebrate!

A mango frozen drink from Matthew's Rooftop Restaurant in Rodney Bay Saint Lucia
Caribbean Sea view from the exclusive beach at East Winds Resort in Saint Lucia
Rastafarian Elder wearing locks with his hands crossed together while a man is making jewelry at a table in front of a multi-colored umbrella

Making friends and meeting brethren wherever we go

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The Water Sports shed at the Caribbean Island All-Inclusive Resort East Winds in Saint Lucia with paddles, canoes, wetsuits, and gear out front
Direction and Restaurant and bar Sign pointing to the beach with sand and beach chairs at East Winds resort in Saint Lucia Caribbean Island and blue sky
Frozen cocktails on a bar at East Winds Resort in Saint Lucia
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When you're in St. Lucia and your body needs a little R&R

feet up on the sailboat as it cruises the Caribbean Sea towards the coast of Saint Lucia and the cliffside villas
Bikinis hanging out to dry on a later with an organic, fresh coconut on the counter at East Winds resort in Saint Lucia, all-inclusive in the Caribbean
East Winds sail boat next to a palm tree and three kayak and canoes on the beach in Saint Lucia off the Caribbean Sea
a Bunch of coconuts chilling next to the bar in Saint Lucia at East Winds resort in Saint Lucia for cocktails and drinks

The tastiest food and most refreshing drinks around!

A drink list at a bar in the Caribbean with a waiter mixing drinks at East Winds Resort in Saint Lucia Caribbean
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Have you ever been to Saint Lucia?

What's your favorite thing to do on the island?