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5 Ways to Prep for Crop Over in Barbados

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5 Ways to Prep for Crop Over in Barbados

This was my first time in the Caribbean and my first time at a carnival, so I didn't know what to expect going to Barbados. Crop Over Festival in Barbados is an end of harvest celebration made up of events like a month-long arts & crafts market and a Foreday paint party, and culminates in the Grand Kadooment parade.

I decided to prepare so that I could have the best time possible. The elaborate Crop Over costumes and fete outfits are stunning, yet revealing and I wanted to put my best foot forward, so I decided to prepare myself for the. and the rum punch is overflowing. Aura Experience.

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Here's a little video on how to prepare for Crop Over.

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All jokes aside, it's serious business & this is how I prepped for Crop Over Barbados!

#1 Crunches

It's no secret that Crop Over costumes are a little revealing. Not that you should ever feel ashamed in the skin you're in, but it's always a good idea to tighten and tone the areas that your costume is likely to expose.

Plus, you'll need a strong core and sturdy legs while you're walking, whining, and stumbling through the crowds on Grand Kadooment Day!

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#2 Cardio

When it comes to parading through the streets of town, you're going to need stamina to make it to the end. Having your legs and heart in tip-top shape while you're reveling will save you on Grand Kadooment Day and all the preceding fetes.

You may not know the parade route, but expect to put in a good 8 hours of walking, dancing, and drinking rum punch. I added lunges and squats to my work out regime in anticipation for Crop Over!

Just take a look at how many miles I walked that day!

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#3 Twerking

Most of us don't need help in the dance department, but it's nice to show up to Crop Over in Barbados with some go-to moves. Have a cool fast wine, sultry slow wine, and wuk in your back pocket ready to bust out at the necessary time.

I'm not tryna brag, but I had more than one fella tell me that I didn't dance like I was from the States. Ayeeee

I'd like to thank my mama because I got it from her and countless nights in Las Vegas nightclubs. Thank you.

Pro Tip: Its carnival culture to share a dance with anyone, and it's considered rude to turn down a dance when you're approached. There were moments when I was wined-out and politely refused and got some disappointed looks.

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#4 Know the Lyrics

Put yourself in an island vibe and get familiar with the latest hits by listening to some Soca tunes before you hit the road. The fetes will be more fun when you hear your favorite song come on and you can sing along.

The song of the summer and the anthem of our trip was "Sometime" by Leadpipe, Jus Jay King. I was out there telling every Romeo that I was not Juliet and that I was "Keepin' it Simple."

I'd like to sincerely apologize to all the victims of my #HotGirlSummer.


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#5 Research Rihanna

This Bajan woman is a national treasure and rightfully so! She's an award-winning entertainer, internationally-recognized philanthropist, make-up mogul and rising fashion designer. Oh, and absolutely stunning! It's no wonder she's adored by her country-men and -women alike.

They even renamed the street she grew up on "Rihanna Drive" in her honor.

Pro Tip: If you jump in the Aura Experience band, then you might get to see her on the road. I heard that RiRi jumps with Aura every other year because it's her brothers band. We saw Rihanna at Crop Over and she even waved to me!

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I'd say that the crunches, spin classes, and research really prepared me for jumping in Crop Over. After listening to my Soca playlist and dancing music my butt off while envisioning my island getaway, I was so pumped to actually experience Barbados' culture.

I felt confident getting involved whenever I got the chance. I can't wait to go back to Barbados for Crop Over and eventually try other Caribbean carnivals! Carnival Trini, anybody?!

What are your favorite ways to prepare for your trips?

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