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The Best of the Street Art in Medellin, Colombia

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The Best of the Street Art in Medellín, Colombia

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wide landscape photo of medellin, colombia

When you think of Colombia, a few things may come to mind... Pablo Escobar's legacy of violence and drugs, Shakira's mesmerizing hips, and maybe even Sophia Vergara's thick accent on Modern Family. I bet amazing street art isn't at the top of your list. And it should be.

This is a Street Art Tour of Medellín, Colombia...

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street art on concrete stairs next to trees in the park in el poblado in medellin
street art of jimi hendrix playing the guitar
street art of a gorilla on a building in medellin

High-rise buildings and store-front walls alike adorn the work of urban artists in the main restaurant and nightlife hub of El Poblado.

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street art written on a wall reads prohibido hablar de politica

Graffiti even graces the interior walls of trendy bars in El Poblado

and in some places, it serves as a notice.

street art sign that reads espacio libre de humo above a circle with a line and a hipster man with bowtie and mustache smoking a cigar
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escalators in comuna 13 colombia and a view of the green mountains

The Colombian neighborhood of Comuna 13 (also called San Javier) was once named the most dangerous city in the world, according to crime rate reports. The government gave the neighborhood and its' people a sense of pride by installing escalators, which to help the residents commuting up and down the steep mountain.

More determined than ever to put its' drug and crime-ridden past behind it, youngsters began creating colorful murals and transformed Comuna 13 into a beautiful, peaceful place to live.

street art of 2 black boys with birds in the birds on their shoulders in comuna 13 Commune 13 San Javier in medellin
street art and red car and apartments in comuna 13 Commune 13 San Javier in medellin
Street art along stairwell and ramp comuna 13 Commune 13 San Javier in medellin
Colorful street art Peacock along stairs in comuna 13 Commune 13 San Javier
Street art of black woman with red lips and white teeth, gold chain and head wrap in comuna 13 Commune 13 San Javier
Street art woman with baby and brown wavy hair at comuna 13 Commune 13 San Javier
chota_13 street art of woman with vines in comuna 13 Commune 13 San Javier
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Graffiti mural in front of Selina hostel and hotel

The colorful mural on the entrance of our hotel, Selina Medellín.

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Although graffiti and street art often have bad wraps, they can be seen across Colombia. It's a large and respectable part of Colombian culture that's even protected by the police.

The transformative street art of Medellin is a stamp of strength, a source of pride, and a reminder that beauty and goodness can overcome.

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